Strategic Communications & Public Relations

taught by Katie Harrington CIPR
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Katie Harrington CIPR
Katie Harrington CIPR

About the Instructor

Katie Harrington is an innovative Public Relations professional based in Galway, Ireland. Her book, Strategic Communications: The Science Behind the Art launched in November 2016. Katie has worked with global brands including Emirates Airline and Allianz, as well as the Irish parliament and Qatar’s semi-government oil and gas company Nakilat.

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Are you keen to learn the art of Public Relations?

Would your business make more money if you could communicate your message in a more powerful way?

You're not alone.

Maybe you want a successful career in PR, or maybe you're a small business owner looking to win new business and increase your revenue; either way, this course is a practical way for you to get started today.

No more excuses.

This course places its focus on real-life scenarios that you can relate to, so you can implement what you have learned straight away; our objective is to give you clear, practical and actionable materials rather than an extensive introduction to the academics.

You'll learn the fundamentals the best PR agencies in the world work to, understand how to plan a Public Relations strategy, learn to master media relations, craft powerful key messages and tell compelling stories.

Next you'll learn how to measure your campaigns and demonstrate your success through both quantitative and qualitative frameworks.

Finally you'll be introduced to the principles of crisis communications. All organisations should plan and prepare for the day that things go wrong and you're finally making headlines - but for all the wrong reasons. This module will introduce effective principles for defusing a crisis.

All course participants gain access to a wide variety of resources including PR calendar templates, press release checklists and free PR resources that can be found online.

Course Contents

13 PDFs
7 Disqus
3.0 hrs